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Mar 31, 2013

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! The time of year signifies so many things. Rememberances as a kid when my mother made sure I had a new dress, bonnet and sometimes parasol for the Sunday photos, each and every year. My brothers all decked out in new suits sewn by my grandmother, who came from a family of tailors. They were exquisite, and I've heard boy's suits are one of the hardest things to sew.

It is the beginning of spring. Here in Cozumel it is when it starts to get warm again and actually, I close the house up more, instead of looking forward to leaving the windows open. But back in Ohio where I am from, it meant opening the house again ... the first hint of spring flowers. 

It is the time of my grandmother's baked ham and spaghetti and cheese, thoughts of the summer picnics to come we used to share, with Ohio white corn and the best tomatoes on the planet. (Come on, if you are from Ohio, you know it's true. Our soil grows the tartest, juiciest tomatoes.)

Now I suffice with an email from my niece and Facebook photos from my brother. Not quite the same thing, as when I was small and we all crammed in  our living room for the family photo. Mad Men like, the parents with highballs and flash cameras, beehive hairdos and a million broken dreams to go around. But the one thing we always felt on Easter was love! That special kind of family love that only happens with those you are born with. 

Again, happy Easter!

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