the places I visit on the island paradise where I live

Jun 23, 2013

Turtle Tracks

Turtle tracks photo courtesy of Dailene Erickson

It is that time of year again, when the sea turtles will make their way to the ocean to hatch. The turtle tracks are everywhere as seen in the photo above taken by Dailene Erickson of triatalon fame.

There is a Facebook page you can join to learn about events and information on the sea turtle season. Just click here to join. They have an awesome photo on their opening page.

Sea turtles hatching August of 2012 courtesy of Cozumel Turtles Facebook page

Jun 22, 2013

Teach Your Children Well

Sweet boys in a pickup truck on Cozumel Island
Too bad the photo didn't turn out better, but I had one of those special and almost perfect moments this morning driving to work. One of my favorite tunes was on the CD player, "Teach Your Children Well" by Crosby, Stills & Nash:Greatest Hits, and I pulled up to a light behind a pickup truck with three little boys in the back. They were absolutely beautiful boys and had the sweetest smiles. I pulled my camera out of my purse and began to snap a few photos through the windshield glass. The boy on the left saw me first and he smiled and waved. Then the boy on the right realized I had a camera and smiled too. The third boy is much closer up to the front of the truck, but all three boys began to smile and wave. We waved back and forth until the light changed, and the truck turned right as I continued down 30th Avenue to the office.

Cozumel is not a perfect place. In reality, nowhere is. But there are still some days where it is almost perfect. As the tune played :Teach Your Children Well" - I thought of these three innocent and beautiful children that will be our future. I feel very happy to leave this wonderful island in their hands. 

Thanks, little boys, for making my day (almost) perfect!

Jun 1, 2013

Nelda's Hidden Talent

Nelda's lighted bottles
The above lighted bottles are from a friend and client of ours, Nelda Harris. I have been to Nelda's house quite a few times. We have discussed window treatments and she has purchased furniture from us. But until about ten days ago, I never knew that Nelda has a hidden talent. She makes lighted displays from wonderful bottles. 

Lighted bottle collection

There are all types of fine whiskeys, beers and unique bottles. She told me friends of her collect them for her. I think they are just wonderful, and I especially like the way they are displayed.

Nelda's lighted bottle collection continues
So not only does Nelda excel at the gym, she is an artist too. Way to go, Nelda. I would love for her to make them to sell in our store. Maybe we can convince her!!