the places I visit on the island paradise where I live

Apr 22, 2012

Family Lunch on Cozumel

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went to lunch at my sister-in-law's house. I brought along my new camera to try out the panoramic view.  The above photo was everybody eating lunch, taken here on Cozumel. I think the photo came out good, but I have a lot of practicing with my new camera ahead of me.

Apr 18, 2012

The Magic of Design Showroom

Cemera rattan sofa from Pelican Reef

Ashley Cross Island desk and Hillsdale stool

Coaster table & stools

Going down memory lane, I came across some photos of our store, The Magic of Design, that I want to share with our readers. We have been providing interior design services to Cozumel since 2003. We opened our first showroom in February of 2005 in the old house at 10 and 11. In 2007, we moved to our current location. In 2008, we expanded our showroom. 

Coaster dining set

Having a thriving furniture business in Cozumel is tricky. Cozumel is an island, therefore not a lot of people want to invest a ton of money in their furniture, as if they leave, they normally cannot take the furniture with them. We are pleased to still be around, able to provide good quality product and service to the island. Thanks to all of our wonderful customers!

Update - We have had a brisk few weeks in the store. Every person who came in and bought from us is a repeat customer. That really makes me happy as it means we are doing something right. Thanks to our clients, and thanks to our staff to make it all possible.

Apr 17, 2012

Driving in Cozumel: Be Careful

This has been a very sad time in Cozumel. Locals and ex-pats feel so bad about the accident that took the life of Val Robichaux, the retired physician from Colorado who was killed while bicycling. More information on this accident can be found here. This CNN report was written by the son of the man who died. I would like to send our heartfelt condolences.

People die all the time on the streets of Cozumel, not just cyclists. People on mopeds, tricycles, even walking ... in cars and trucks. It is a tricky place to drive. In the downtown area, the houses are so close to the corners, it is hard to see around. And many, often taxi drivers, merge way out into the intersection to view the cars. My heart stops at least once a day when I think somebody is going to barrel in to me at a stop sign. They have the stop and I don't but sometimes I slam on the brakes. 

Another pet peeve of mine is the "Cozumel right turn." Whether on a moped or a bicycle, the driver will go ahead and turn right when they have a stop and try to squeeze on to the shoulder, even as I am driving straight. No stop at all. And don't even get me started on the buses. One today on the highway returning from Residencias Reef (km. 13 approx.) passed our car after hugging our bumper for a while, then passed another car, then passed a truck with oncoming traffic coming at it. The bus driver swerved to the right to avoid the oncoming car, forcing the truck on to the shoulder of the road. Another near miss, but all I can say is that bus driver is just "an accident waiting to happen."

I would love to hear solutions to our traffic issues. What works? Laws being enforced perhaps, for one. What else? I would love to hear everyone's input, and again our prayers to the family of Val Robichaux.

Apr 5, 2012

Another Blast from the Past

I came across two photos I could not resist posting. One is of Moises and me at Versailles with our then state-of-the-art Sony camera. It took those little hard disks, before the floppy disks. Hard to believe that was only ten years ago ... 2002.

The other photo was taken by my mother-in-law, Daisy, when she and I went on an Eastern Caribbean cruise. This photo was taken in San Juan, Puerto Rico ... Jan 2003.