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Sep 13, 2011

TripAdvisor Complaints from the BBB

TripAdvisor is not Better Business Bureau accredited. They have had many complaints lodged against them with the BBB, mostly over the last year. This is what a few people had to say. has a forum for Off Topic Chatter, which they say is for an exchange of ideas and opinions. All posts that shine a negative light on the president (even thoughtful, polite ones) are erased and the poster's privileges revoked. They need to warn that only happy posts are allowed.

Tripadvisor is extraordinarily non-responsive. No phone number to call. Just communicating via emails that they clearly don't even read. They are sloppy in their work and essentially hold business owners hostage. They manipulate rankings and I have had customers tell me they left glowing reviews only to never see them materialize. If you write a negative review, however, it is as if there is a jetstream carrying it to the page. Is the only way to be unbiased by leaving a negative review for a property? What about competitors that might write negative reviews? In addition, they posted photos that clearly do NOT reflect my establishment. So, false testimonials from guests I don't believe ever stayed at my establishment and false photos for a different hotel. I do not want to list my hotel name as there have been some who have been retaliated against by this mafia travel site. Either they are just incredibly inept to the point of gross negligence or they are malicious. Either way, they should be put out of business.

Tripadvisor is quite biased and will remove or not even post negative reviews if they are about any of their paid sponsors.

For additional information about TripAdvisor on the Better Business Bureau site, click here


  1. I have heard of this and hoped it wasn't true. Really sad that they do not have unbiased reviews.