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Jul 3, 2014

Musings of the Day: 15 Years in Mexico

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12 Things I have learned after living almost 15 years in Mexico

When at the grocery store meat counter, I know to order 200 or 300 grams of ham, not 200 or 300 kilos like I used to 15 years ago. (What a look of shock I saw on the women’s faces!)

I have learned how to pronounce “estacionamiento” (parking lot) and “impermeabilizante” (waterproofing … materials for our roof).

I know to order camarĂ³n (shrimp) con “un poco de ajo” (a little garlic), instead of “un poco de ojo” (a little eye).

Spanglish is okay; at least it is better than only speaking English.

I have learned to accept things the way they are, at least most of the time.

I no longer refer to the United States as my home.

I don’t mention anymore the way things are done in the states. Standard answer from my husband always was: “Where do you live? Not the USA.”

People from the states look too tall and pale.

If somebody doesn’t arrive for an appointment, just come back later.

Kissing and greeting people you barely know is acceptable behavior.

Forgiveness is a way of life.

Happiness abounds.