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Mar 30, 2012

The Magic of Design: Parking Lot Madness

Plaza where our store is located on March 30, 2012
Today was the last legal day to pay the fees for license plates in Cozumel. I feel the government is very generous as they allow us a three month leeway to get our license fees paid. They are due in January, but the police do not begin to fine motorists until after the end of March. I think this year is the worst ever, even though the fees ranged less than $20 usd for the mopeds and less than $30 usd for the cars. 

Our store sign is located above the staircase with doors covered with people

The entrance to our store became a mob scene late in the day and the police even came by. Not anything of a violent nature or anything. Just people speaking loudly and playing music, a lot of trash being thrown around and people loitering everywhere. Who would want to wait for this? We paid our fees  on 4 vehicles in January. It appeared to be more individuals than businesses these last 3 days.

I swear every year we will close next year for these couple of days.

Mar 11, 2012

My Life: Bogie Dogie After Surgery

Moises and Bogie Dogie

We have two shar-peis, Alejandra and Bogart. Recently Bogie has been renamed Bogie Dogie as our new maid thought his name was Dogie instead of Bogie, so I thought I would use that name here. Both dogs are eight years old. Alex has had entropion surgery a few times in the past, but this was the first time for Bogart. Dr. Julio of Centro Medico Veterinario Cozumel did the surgery on both dogs' eyes. They also had inner ear cleaning, teeth cleaning, baths and nails trimmed.

This is Bogart after surgery kissing my husband, Moises. Dr. Julio did a great job. Both dogs are doing well. Thanks, Dr. Julio!

More information on entropion and entropion surgery is explained here