the places I visit on the island paradise where I live

Apr 23, 2013

Wthether Cruz Roja or Creu Roja: Still a Great Organization

Red Cross at Barcelona
I can leave Cozumel, but some things remain the same. At the Festival of Sant Jordi (St. George) - the patron saint of Catalan, there it was, the ever present Red Cross we know and love. In Cozumel, It is Cruz Roja. Here it is the Creu Roja. 

Roman ruins at Barcelona

Withn a half block of the Red Cross tent, there are Roman ruins, the hotel where I am staying, three department stores and a book fair with many famous Catalan authors signing autographs. That is a bit different than Cozumel. 

Roman ruin area at Barcelona

Massive crowds at Festival of Sant Jordi

I couldn't bear this much traffic every day. It is much more crowded than Cozumel's streets when the cruise ship arrive. But for a few days while on vacation, it is actually quite fun.

Apr 20, 2013

Dining ideas from The Magic of Design

D391 table and chairs from Ashley Furniture
There are some great dining ideas available these days from The Magic of Design Furniture & Interior Design. Here are a few of the selections and you can also see more ideas on our Facebook page here.

D432 from Ashley Furniture

D553 from Ashley Furniture

Great bar D668 from Ashley Furniture

Apr 7, 2013

We Include Delivery at The Magic of Design

Movers hoisting a sleeper sofa to second story
The Magic of Design Furniture & Interior Design includes delivery and installation, sales tax too. It is one price delivered and installed, and we take away the trash.

Sometimes that is an easy thing, a house with first floor access and a big front door. Other times, it can be a bit more challenging. For easier small deliveries, we have the pick up truck and two men. For the tougher jobs, we use a professional mover out of Cancun. Here are William, Alonso and Chuco (William is below pushing the sleeper) navigating the side of a house to get the sleeper to the second story where the living room is. We couldn't go from the front, as that is where the electrical wires are.

Easy or tough, we get it done!