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Sep 13, 2015

Luh's Line: Our New Mayan Accessories & Furniture

B'ALAM WAY spirit jaguar accessory
Our trip to the Yucatan Peninsula and the beaches proved to be super successful. We also had fun with our family. It had been a long time since I spent any time in Merida. The beach was a bust! The house we rented had no water, no hot water, ants and lots of mosquitoes. We only stayed two nights and moved on to the Hyatt.

Prototype of a new root table style

But we got to do what we set out to do, which was find new suppliers of furniture and accesorries. I wanted to start a line of more eco-friendly, green furniture that can stand the heat and humidity we have here. Where better to find it than in the jungles of the Mayan world?

Another prototype of an outdoor chair

Along with finding some wonderful things, we also got to meet some wonderful people. The small pueblos around the Yucatan Peninsula have the warmest and kindest people I have ever met. It is quite amusing for us to converse, as Spanish is a second language for me and also for them. Their first language is Maya.

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