the places I visit on the island paradise where I live

Jul 31, 2013

Cozumel or Corfu: You Decide

Photo courtesy of Cozumel Diving

Underwater Cozumel is one of the most beautiful sights in the world. Having traveled much of the globe, there are few places that compare to Cozumel for its beauty and clarity underwater. I believe I have only found one that is equal. It is at Paleokastritsa Beach on the other side of where the cruise ships dock in Corfu, Greece.

Paleokastritsa Beach at Corfu, Greece

There were signs for scuba diving. I liked that it has the clear waters of Cozumel, but you can see mountains all around. I vote these two places the prettiest waters in the world. Which do you think is more beautiful?

My niece and I had a harrowing trip to get to Paleokastritsa Beach though. We found a taxi driver at the pier. He was driving a new Mercedes Benz four door C series car, I believe. We haggled over a price and finally agreed on 80 euros, if memory serves. What we didn't realize when he agreed to take us to this beach is how short the trip would be. He drove about 120 miles an hour through mountain roads. We were thrown against each other the whole way, we arrived at the beach, he downed 2 beers while we took photos as fast as we could and we were returned in the same fashion. 

If you make it to Corfu, do your best to make it to Paleokastritsa Beach. It is definitely worth the trip. More info on this beautiful beach can be found here.

But if your schedule does not allow a trip to an island in Greece, you can enjoy the same waters right here in Cozumel.

Jul 29, 2013

Sleepy Sunday Stroll Part II

See the people under the structure

 I am not quite sure what this structure is, but there was a man and a little girl relaxing underneath. They may have wanted to stay out of the sun. The only other people we saw ... a man selling from a cart and a couple on the beach further north. It was a quiet time before the madness begins!

Moises taking pictures

Moises continued taking pictures. That was the main purpose of our stroll. He had just taken a photography class from the University here in Cozumel (UQRoo) and wanted to practice what he had learned. 

Coca Cola stand

I don't have a fancy camera and just use my camera on automatic. My goal is more for cool content, and I especially loved this photo of the Coca Cola stand. It is the screen saver on my phone.

Man and his cart on the Malecon of Cozumel Island

There is something almost Havana like of the photo I took of the man tending his cart. The old truck nearby appears well-worn. The trash can is nice and beat up. I could feel the solitude and peace while taking this photo. Can you?

Jul 28, 2013

Sleepy Sunday Stroll Part I

Moises photographing me while I photograph him
Moises and I chose a sleepy Sunday morning to walk around the Malecon area by the Navy base in the north. We parked the car and took a little stroll. Moises had his camera. I had mine. It was around 9am, so the sun was shining but not yet really hot. Humidity was low and there was a subtle breeze in the air. What a great time to do this!

By the airport on Cozumel Island

Sol beeer truck

One of the few vehicles we came across was a Sol beer truck making deliveries to the beachside palapa places.

Statue north end of Cozumel Island

Does anybody know who this is? 

Jul 12, 2013

Towel Buddies & A Trip to El Cielo

Chuck on the boat after a swim at El Cielo wearing Kandy's towel

Yesterday was one of those perfect days. My good friend, Kandy, planned and executed a wonderful surprise birthday party for her husband, Chuck. We celebrated his 60th birthday. Kandy, Heather and Bill worked so hard to pull it all off and it was a great success.

Kandy looking radiant after her dip

We left El Cantil dock around 3pm and lazily made our way down to El Cielo, a spot near Colombia Lagoon, that is known for white sand, shallow depths, clear water and a group of starfish that live nearby. We had a swim that included a rain shower, back on the boat for some great food and then the ride back.

Mary back on the boat

Heather and Desiree resting after their swim

It was an amazing day and I'm glad I took the afternoon off to be with friends. Thanks, Kandy, for inviting me. Happy birthday, Chuck!