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Dec 22, 2011

The Meaning of Christmas in Cozumel

Artwork by Sarah Williams Pritchett
Cozumel is a small town. We have a group of people, both Mexican and foreigner, who look out for and care about each other. There is a flurry of activity now. The tourists have begun to arrive. For us locals, that is a mixed blessing. The roads become more congested and a lot of people who have no idea how to drive here are on the roads. But business is up. People are selling. Diamonds are being purchased, along with souvenirs and booze. 

Through the car window on east side of Cozumel

The weather is amazing, and I thank God every day that I live in such a beautiful place. It isn't perfect. We know that. Unfortunately petty crime tends to go up this time of year. As the island grows, we get the warts that go along with being just a little bigger small town.

I am looking forward to dinner with friends for Christmas Eve, brunch with a group of ladies I know for Christmas morning ... and dinner with more friends Christmas evening. Thank you to all of you who have come in to my life here in Cozumel. Thank you to my husband, this Christmas season.

I feel a sense of gratitude. Business is picking up and we all have the Humane Society Christmas party to look forward to on the 28th. Don't forget to buy tickets and head on down to the Money Bar! More information on the Humane Society in Cozumel can be found here. You can also find them on Facebook

Photo courtesy of Humane Society of Cozumel Island

Merry Christmas, Cozumel!


  1. Wonderful post! Merry Christmas to you and your staff.

  2. Good time for gratitude. We always have so much to be grateful for. I find it interesting that when I feel the gratitude, my life improves. Works every time.

  3. So true, Heather. I hope to be in Cozumel the same time as you. Did you decide on your dates yet?