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Feb 25, 2013

Chrysalis 5K Walk/Run

Chrysalis 5K Walk/Run at Cozumel
The Chrysalis 5K Walk/Run was yesterday, February 24th, at Cozumel Island. Sally Hurwich was the sponsor of this event. It had a great turnout and everybody had a wonderful time. Chrysalis is an organization that gathers money all year so that school children who don't have the funds will get their books and supplies, so they can go to school.

The Magic of Design Furniture & Interior Design was a sponsor for this worthwhile cause. This was the first event, and next year proves to be even more special.

Thanks, Sally, for such a great event!

Feb 17, 2013


I snapped this photo of some roses at Costco Cancun. I loved it so much, I now have it as the wallpaper on my phone. 

Happy belated Valentine's Day!

Feb 10, 2013

Carnaval Comes to Me

Carnaval at Cozmel 2013
My neighbor who has moved to a different part of town came by before noon to tell me her granddaughter would be in the Carnaval parade. They would be dancing by our house in a bit, she said. I heard her say nieta, which is granddaughter but I assumed it was the little one. Above is Lucy with probably her grandparents on her father's side, actually not sure. But I just love this photo, taken minutes before the festivities began.

I hate to admit I am not much of a Carnaval person. I don't like crowds. I don't drink alcohol, so I have only been a few times to the main street to watch the parade. But this time, I was lucky enough that the festivities came to me. How cool is that!

The little granddaughter
Pictured here is the little granddaughter watching her cousin perform. I love her outfit and her mask is just precious. 

Cousin Lucy performing

Lucy did a wonderful job, both singing and dancing!

Some of the boys
Here are some of the talented young men, dancing just as well as any of the young women. They were a choreographed and beautiful site to see.

Thanks, Cozumel dancers, for bringing Carnaval to me! (I just keep wondering, is it Carnaval or Carnival? Guess it depends where you celebrate.)

Feb 5, 2013


Who can believe this is sand magnified? Next time you pick up that handful of grainy gray stuff, think about what it really is. It is amazing!