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Dec 28, 2014

New Christmas Memories 2014

Isabella with her new bike
It may be a trite statement but I totally believe Christmas is for kids, or for those of us lucky enough to be around children for Christmas. It is always a thrill to see the look in a child's eye when they receive their gifts. We had the pleasure of spending Christmas Eve with my sister-in-law Daisy and her family, which included our Goddaughter Isabella. 

me and Isabella riding her bike
As her feet don't quite reach all the way to get the pedals moving, I pushed the bike around the living room. It was a good thing, as it gave here something to do until she opened the rest of her presents with her mom and dad.

Jasibe and Jason opening gifts with Isabella
Jasibe and Jason, Isabella's parents, opened gifts with her as Jason and her new beau John looked on. A great time was had by all. Too much food and too late, but that is a good Mexican Christmas!

MariJo helping to prepare the Christmas feast

Another great year in Mexico for me and my hubby, Moises!

Brother-in-law Miguel on the left, hubby Moises on the right

Dec 14, 2014

My 1973 MG Midget

1973 purple MG Midget
If there was ever a car that truly fit my personality, it was my first and most beloved car, a purple 1973 MG Midget. I worked at a bank for one year after high schoool before starting college to buy it. It was a lemon, no doubt. Hardly ever started and was in the shop more than out, but I loved that car.

A fellow employee at the bank had bought the car and probably realized within six months of making payments that the car was a real dud. So she talked me in to taking over the loan and buying it. 

I used to have to start it by driving down the hill from my parents house getting it going faster and faster, until I popped the clutch and it started. How many times I got stranded on two lane roads or even the highway, I cannot count.  I don't remember much about selling it or what I got after, but I sure remember that first car.