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Oct 30, 2011

Rina Long Gone

Now that Rina is gone, we get to reassess the water table situation in Cozumel. A lot of homes were flooded from the 6.5" of rain that dropped in about 3 hours. We are all safe. That is the most important thing, but many of the yards and houses still have standing water and are in the process of drying out. 

Possibly more drains need to be placed in Cozumel. That may be something that gets addressed next. It is an ongoing problem on islands and especially for us, as underground is a cenote system. When the cenotes fill up, there is nowhere for the water to go but up.

On the other hand, when I read about so many islands that no longer have potable drinking water, I am grateful for our never-ending water supply. 

Oct 26, 2011

Hurricane Rina Update

Unlike most things in life, preparing for a hurricane reminds me of a dress rehearsal. We prefer that the real show never makes it to Broadway. So we are boarding up, closing and locking our hurricane shutters. We move furniture, angst over whether we need to take everything off the walls, roll up rugs, stack mattresses on top of each other on the beds in the store. We put pallets under our headboards and night tables in the warehouse and hope that no water comes in.

For us at The Magic of Design, getting ready for a hurricane is a major ordeal. We have our personal house to deal with, the easiest by far as we have hurricane shutters. Closed and locked. The store ... being on the second story we don't fear leaving things on the floor, but away from the windows and doors. Towels under doors and tucked into window wells, plywood on the outside. Now our great staff is finishing up with our warehouse and our upholstery shop. More plywood ... and yet we hope it is all for naught. That no hurricane comes our way. That we remain safe.

Looking very good at this point ... Hurricane Rina has been downgraded to a Cat. 2 and may become a 1 before landfall. But with hurricanes, we never know. Better safe than sorry. 

The island of Cozumel is an amazing place. Everybody works together to prepare and if we do get hit, every man, woman and child over 2 will be out for the cleanup. That is just how it is.

A lovely female reporter from the AP interviewed me by phone this morning. Her name is Adriana Gomez. She contributed on the attached article.

Hurricane Rina update

I am even mentioned my name. How cool is that! Thanks, Adriana. 

Oct 20, 2011

Breakfast for Breast Cancer Awareness

Ex-pat community supporting Breast Cancer Awareness
One of my favorite people is Mari on the far left

Yesterday, there was a breakfast at Carlos and Charlie's for breast cancer awareness. About 150 women attended, and about 15 of the attendees were from our ex-pat community. I didn't make it but bought a ticket to support the cause. A lot of women wore pink and came out for a grand old time.

Discussing breast cancer awareness

There were prizes and a large donation was made by Carlos & Charlie's Restaurant. Our mayor's wife, Luisa Prieto, is in charge of DIF, which is the way it works here. I really never understood what DIF is in charge of other than they were involved in matters of children, but DIF is a lot more than that. DIF gets involved in cases of abandoned and abused children. It also is the agency which handles adoptions.

Luisa Prieto and her daughter Malu accepting the check from Carlos & Charlie's

Click here if you want to know more about adopting a child in Mexico. 

Oct 7, 2011

Amigos: a New Hostel in Cozumel

Palapa at Amigo's Hostel

Amigos Hostel Cozumel is located on a quiet street in the heart of the original quadrant of Cozumel, 5 city blocks from the ocean on Calle 7 Sur between Ave 25 & 30 Col. Centro.

Amigos Hostel Cozumel is a new hostel in Cozumel, but Amigos has been around for a long time. It was a bed and breakfast for years, and the owners are old hands at hospitality with hotels in Bacalar and Isla Holbox as well. 

Kathy Kopelman is a dear friend of mine, in addition to being an astute businesswoman. She and her husband Bob have been in Cozumel since 1987. More about their great backgrounds can be found on their website under Meet the Kopelman's here

The Kopelman family at Machu Picchu in Peru

Kathy explained to me recently that they named their first bed & breakfast in Cozumel, Amigos, which we all know means "friend." It was easy to pronounce, everybody knew what it meant and it was at the beginning of the alphabet for the old days when we checked everything by phone book. 

This is the information Kathy supplied on their new concept with their property Amigos, a hostel:

"Dorms are mixed dorms, 4 bunks for 8 total in each dorm ( 2 of those) cost is $12 US per night with all taxes, has private bathroom and second separate sink, lockers.  Our  private room has up to 3 individual beds  or can be king if advised with notice, private is with complete kitchenette and cost is $45 US per room per night..    
Pool, gardens ,   smoking area, large communal kitchen, living area with DISH US  TV, DVD with movies,  hammocks in the garden, area for  moped or  tuk tuk parking.."

We wish them all the success in the world and know it will be a great venture. There is nobody more organized than Kathy. 

Great outdoor area

A dorm room at Amigo's Hostel in Cozumel

Spread the word. You can enjoy a nice room at a great price!