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Oct 20, 2011

Breakfast for Breast Cancer Awareness

Ex-pat community supporting Breast Cancer Awareness
One of my favorite people is Mari on the far left

Yesterday, there was a breakfast at Carlos and Charlie's for breast cancer awareness. About 150 women attended, and about 15 of the attendees were from our ex-pat community. I didn't make it but bought a ticket to support the cause. A lot of women wore pink and came out for a grand old time.

Discussing breast cancer awareness

There were prizes and a large donation was made by Carlos & Charlie's Restaurant. Our mayor's wife, Luisa Prieto, is in charge of DIF, which is the way it works here. I really never understood what DIF is in charge of other than they were involved in matters of children, but DIF is a lot more than that. DIF gets involved in cases of abandoned and abused children. It also is the agency which handles adoptions.

Luisa Prieto and her daughter Malu accepting the check from Carlos & Charlie's

Click here if you want to know more about adopting a child in Mexico. 

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