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Dec 14, 2014

My 1973 MG Midget

1973 purple MG Midget
If there was ever a car that truly fit my personality, it was my first and most beloved car, a purple 1973 MG Midget. I worked at a bank for one year after high schoool before starting college to buy it. It was a lemon, no doubt. Hardly ever started and was in the shop more than out, but I loved that car.

A fellow employee at the bank had bought the car and probably realized within six months of making payments that the car was a real dud. So she talked me in to taking over the loan and buying it. 

I used to have to start it by driving down the hill from my parents house getting it going faster and faster, until I popped the clutch and it started. How many times I got stranded on two lane roads or even the highway, I cannot count.  I don't remember much about selling it or what I got after, but I sure remember that first car. 

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