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Jul 29, 2013

Sleepy Sunday Stroll Part II

See the people under the structure

 I am not quite sure what this structure is, but there was a man and a little girl relaxing underneath. They may have wanted to stay out of the sun. The only other people we saw ... a man selling from a cart and a couple on the beach further north. It was a quiet time before the madness begins!

Moises taking pictures

Moises continued taking pictures. That was the main purpose of our stroll. He had just taken a photography class from the University here in Cozumel (UQRoo) and wanted to practice what he had learned. 

Coca Cola stand

I don't have a fancy camera and just use my camera on automatic. My goal is more for cool content, and I especially loved this photo of the Coca Cola stand. It is the screen saver on my phone.

Man and his cart on the Malecon of Cozumel Island

There is something almost Havana like of the photo I took of the man tending his cart. The old truck nearby appears well-worn. The trash can is nice and beat up. I could feel the solitude and peace while taking this photo. Can you?

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