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Apr 7, 2013

We Include Delivery at The Magic of Design

Movers hoisting a sleeper sofa to second story
The Magic of Design Furniture & Interior Design includes delivery and installation, sales tax too. It is one price delivered and installed, and we take away the trash.

Sometimes that is an easy thing, a house with first floor access and a big front door. Other times, it can be a bit more challenging. For easier small deliveries, we have the pick up truck and two men. For the tougher jobs, we use a professional mover out of Cancun. Here are William, Alonso and Chuco (William is below pushing the sleeper) navigating the side of a house to get the sleeper to the second story where the living room is. We couldn't go from the front, as that is where the electrical wires are.

Easy or tough, we get it done! 

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