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Mar 30, 2012

The Magic of Design: Parking Lot Madness

Plaza where our store is located on March 30, 2012
Today was the last legal day to pay the fees for license plates in Cozumel. I feel the government is very generous as they allow us a three month leeway to get our license fees paid. They are due in January, but the police do not begin to fine motorists until after the end of March. I think this year is the worst ever, even though the fees ranged less than $20 usd for the mopeds and less than $30 usd for the cars. 

Our store sign is located above the staircase with doors covered with people

The entrance to our store became a mob scene late in the day and the police even came by. Not anything of a violent nature or anything. Just people speaking loudly and playing music, a lot of trash being thrown around and people loitering everywhere. Who would want to wait for this? We paid our fees  on 4 vehicles in January. It appeared to be more individuals than businesses these last 3 days.

I swear every year we will close next year for these couple of days.


  1. It was definitely nuts there this afternoon. I've never seen so many people crowded on a staircase and along all walls and railings. As one who uses handrails on staircases to help me get up, it was a bit of a challenge to shakily climb my way up the middle of the staircase. I made it, though, and so many wonderful things in the store! I need to buy another house so I can have fun decorating again. Mine is maxed out, I think. LOL

  2. I am dreaming of Kandy's new palace on the beach. Will be fun to decorate. LOL