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Jun 1, 2013

Nelda's Hidden Talent

Nelda's lighted bottles
The above lighted bottles are from a friend and client of ours, Nelda Harris. I have been to Nelda's house quite a few times. We have discussed window treatments and she has purchased furniture from us. But until about ten days ago, I never knew that Nelda has a hidden talent. She makes lighted displays from wonderful bottles. 

Lighted bottle collection

There are all types of fine whiskeys, beers and unique bottles. She told me friends of her collect them for her. I think they are just wonderful, and I especially like the way they are displayed.

Nelda's lighted bottle collection continues
So not only does Nelda excel at the gym, she is an artist too. Way to go, Nelda. I would love for her to make them to sell in our store. Maybe we can convince her!! 

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