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Mar 26, 2016

Tropical Paradise: French Caribbean Design Part 2

Part 2 in a case study in French Caribbean design

Karen had a vision from day one of what she wanted her new condo to look like and she cut out dozens of photos of designs she liked - from cabinetry to door hardware, paint selections, chairs, tables, sofas and more. We pulled out catalogs and further defined the look she wanted. As new items came in to The Magic of Design, she chose pieces that reflected her style. When the sofas did not have the fabric she wanted, we changed it to a soft cream suede that has stood the test of baby formula and red wine. We also redefined the sofa back to something more comfortable for her petite frame. We worked together on the custom draperies, duvet covers, pillows and shams. Everything was fabricated in our shop.

Blinds and drapes from our shop

Roman shade and cornice from our shop

Office with leather pull-out sofa

Desk with tropical chair & ottoman

After working with Karen on her first condo, I knew she loves curves. Kitchen counters that undulate like waves and curvy door fronts, so we searched for unique and unusual pieces like the curved door front cabinet in the master bedroom. 

Master bedroom painted curved chest

Howard loves scuba diving. Now that he gets to enjoy more time in Cozumel, he spends at least three days a week in the ocean observing all that Cozumel has to offer under the water. So Karen, Howard and I sought objects that were reminiscent of the sea. Like the blues and greens in the living room drapes and the little table that Karen placed in the master bath, decorated with shells and other sea creatures. The love of nature can also be seen in the art that Howard lovingly picked out for the condo.

Guest bedroom with rattan furniture

Grandchildren's bedroom

The overall design theme is French Caribbean but with whimsical touches of shells and turtles and other creatures. The space now exemplifies all the things that Howard and Karen love - good quality furniture and soft, vibrant fabrics, with wonderful splashes of color on the walls - that demonstrate their love of all creatures and a love of nature.

Shell and sea creature theme

It's a true tropical paradise - as comfortable for large family gatherings as it is for serene and quiet contemplation.

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