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Mar 27, 2016

Tropical Paradise: French Caribbean Design Part 1

Cozumel is not a big place, especially when you take into account the ex-pat community. Those of us that speak English (hate to say it) but we tend to stick together a bit. There is nothing like having a conversation in English after speaking Spanish all day with my employees. 

My husband is Mexican and we obviously have many Mexican friends and family, but due to the size of the community and the warmth of the island, often my American and Canadian clients become not just clients, but also friends. Sometimes the friendship lasts only the length of the job. With others, it lingers and grows. My relationship with my clients, Karen and Howard, is one that has grown in the years we have known each other - through various condo projects. 

Moises and I consider them good friends. They stayed with us in our house during Hurricane Emily, a bit of a nonevent but that is always best with hurricanes. We have helped them and they have helped us. 

This is a glimpse of their beautiful condo that we designed together - Karen was the one with the vision. I worked to help her accomplish it. In the next post, I will explain more of the design process that transpired.

Upholstered headboard and bedding made in our shop.

Sofas upholstered in our shop in a cleanable suede cream microfiber fabric.
Notice that we used accents in blue and green on a pale cream background. Walls are painted in a pale blue-green tone, even the hand blown glass lamp is in the aqua tone.

Karen wanted the living area to be a place where her children and her grandchildren could visit. She wanted elegant but we searched for durable fabrics that are washable. The suede on the living room sofas is light in color but cleans up great.

Painted chest with silver mirror from Uttermost.

Drapes and sheers made of imported Robert Allen fabrics.

Glenmary chairs from Hillsdale Furniture.

Karen taught kindergarten and still retains an innocent and childlike wonder of the beautiful things and people around her. Working with Karen was a breeze as she worked with interior designers in the past and welcomes new ideas, but she also had a vision of what their new home was to be, a second home for the entire family as it grew. I met their daughter early on and have watched as she got married, have her son and watched him become a big boy!

Entertainment unit opens up to reveal hidden TV and stereo equipment.


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