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Jun 3, 2014

The Magic of Design: Demystifying Furniture Grades

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As the principal owner of a furniture store and interior design business, I get to wear a lot of hats. On the bad days, I feel like a fireman with a big red hat and a long hose to put out all the fires that occur. On better days, I get to design beautiful spaces, get creative and enjoy what I do, and still get paid for it. I take seriously what we put in to the store. I don't want junk that will fall apart on you in a year or two. We stand behind our product and are proud of what we sell. On the other hand, we want to stay within our clients' price range. But that is where it gets a little tricky. What is expensive to one person may be peanuts to somebody else. I like to separate the furniture quality in to four parts. The lower 25% we just don't sell. This is the quality of things often found on the island at stores which I won't mention their names, but I hear the stories. Dining tables that fall apart in the first year, sofas that never sit comfortably or look nice, out of scale and awkward things that just are not pleasing to the eye. Being serious about warranties, we don't want the headache of junk. But what many people on the island don't realize is we do satisfy the budgets of the other 75%. The mid grade, semi-luxury and luxury furniture we have in our store all the time. 

Hand made in Indonesia

We sell handmade rattan both for outdoor and indoor that caters to those that have private residences and rental properties on the beach. Expensive but extremely well-made and long-lasting. I was in a condo a few days ago that the outdoor furniture was installed in 2007, and it still looks brand new. 

Mid-range product

The next tier is good, well-made furniture in the next range - often wood and some metal and glass product that will stand the test of time, and also our better sofas and loveseats. Some benches, chairs and more designer-oriented items that are mid-priced but great product. That is our bread and butter furniture that sells the most.

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Then we have a lower grade of still great things that meets the person more on a budget, including retirees and those that live here on a fixed income. We have coffee and 2 end table sets that sometimes retail for around $500 dollars for the three pieces. We have sofas, loveseats and chairs in this range, great quality but not quite as detailed or as expensive of fabrics as some of our better furniture.

Please don't think that everything we do is expensive and out of your price range. We are here to satisfy most everybody's needs, as really who wants the lower 25% stuff that will fall apart right after you buy it? 

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