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Jul 10, 2012

La Choza Restaurant: a Wonderful Cozumel Tradition

La Choza Restaurant
La Choza, on 10 near the corner of Rosado Salas, is one of my favorite restaurants in Cozumel. The Peralta sisters have been serving up great food for years, and their enthusiasm and pride in their wonderful restaurant shows. I hear there is a brother involved as well, but I know the three sisters as they buy furniture from our store. Always with a smile on their faces, they come see  me and are serious buyers, not shoppers, and I am always glad to see them.

One of the owners, Maria Carmen Peralta

The famous Cristian

When I can between appointments downtown, I stop for their fabulous breakfast. I get scrambled eggs with ham and cheese and it is always served with delicious beans on the side. The wait staff couldn't be nicer and I know at least one of the sisters is in the kitchen making something wonderful.

Their colorful and festive location has wonderful murals and decorative touches to remind us that Mexico is a fun and friendly place. And the chips with their famous salsa cannot be beat. 

Enjoy a margarita or beer, or as I do, a fresh squeezed orange juice. Que rico! (Literally how rich, but means really tasty!!!)

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