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Jul 2, 2012

Mayair Flight: What a Delight

Mayair Cancun to Cozumel

Today was one of those perfect days. I went to Cancun on a Mayair flight that was full in the morning. A little bumpy, but fine. The driver who was supposed to pick me up either forgot or couldn't find the keys to the truck (for those who live in Cozumel, you can totally relate ... us foreigners usually walk around never really knowing what is going on and it isn't a language barrier. I think it is a polite thing. Nobody wanted to admit they just forgot about me. LOL) So I walked to Terminal 2, hopped on a bus, went to downtown Cancun and grabbed a cab to my first appointment. A few errands later, I ended up at Costco. They sure don't have as many things as they used to, but I still found a lot of treasures for both business and personal use.

Off to my freight forwarder to load the truck with furniture and back to Mayair at the Cancun airport Terminal 1. The flight back was a delight. There were only two passengers, an employee and the pilot. I love the new pilot. He has braces and is very cute when he smiles. We were in the little 4-seat Cessna so were able to fly very low. The green colors in the water on the Cancun side, the ebbing and flowing of the slight waves, the wonderful mistiness in the middle as we made our way back. Then to see beloved Cozumel. Everybody should see this island from a small plane sometimes. It makes me fall in love with it all over again.

What was even more amazing about it is I left on the 8am flight and was back in Cozumel a little after 4pm. In  the old days using the ferry with all the errands I ran, I would be looking at getting back between 9 to 10pm.

Thank you, Mayair. More information on their flights can be found here.

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