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Jan 29, 2012

Cozumel: A Day in the Life

Parking lot in Cozumel with great paint colors outside
I have lived in Cozumel for over 11 years. I love Cozumel. It is not only a great cruise ship port; it is a place with a large ex-pat community, friendly locals, clear crystal waters and great diving. It is a laid back place where flip flops and jeans are our formal wear. Barefoot is our casual wear.

Saturday, I snapped a few photos as I went about my daily routine. The parking lot in the photo above is across the street from where I usually park. It is next to one of my favorite island dogs, who is always happy to give a greeting.
Local dog and very friendly
Favorite parking lot attendant

The parking lot where I park each day also serves as a carpentry shop and the storage of the Nando hot dog carts. Nando's hot dogs are island famous and delicious .... you can have an especial with mayo, mustard, onion, bacon and cheese wrapped around the dog. But the Nando's locations, like all the hot dog places, are only open at night. We eat our main meal during the afternoon and a lighter meal at night.

Nando's hot dog storage carts during the day

Girasoles Restaurant 

Giraoles Restaurant is around the corner and also owned by the same family as the large parking lot where I usually park my car. It is a great place to have breakfast or lunch. I especially like the club sandwich served with fries. It is located between 10 and 5 on Calle 3 South.

Sol beer truck

A beer delivery was going on while I walked around taking photos. It was close to one of my favorite benches in Cozumel! Sit down and rest a spell. That is what Cozumel is all about.

Mosaic bench outside Deep Blue dive shop

Deep Blue Dive Shop
Deep Blue Dive Shop is  located at the corner of Rosado Salas and 10. It is a highly recommended dive shop in Cozumel. If you would like to know more about them, click here


  1. I love that bench as well! It's just so unusual, and it's actually a nice place to sit if you've been walking for a while. Nice photos, Luh.