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Mar 28, 2014

Cozumel: The Land of Procrastination

License plates office next to our store

It is happening again this year. The last day to get the 20% off for license plates renewal is Monday, March 31st ... so here is the situation in the plaza where our store is. The people who have procrastinated but want to get the discount are out in force. I was told yesterday there was a four hour wait to pay.

Wrapping around past our store
The line is getting long and I remember two years ago, the mood changes. Sometimes patience wears thin and the group becomes grumpy. Other times, it becomes more festive. When I reported back in 2012, Parking Lot Madness, it became almost festive the last day. People waited so long, they brought along food and drinks. I think I even spotted a cooler or two. 

Line by the entrance to the plates office
License plates change this year, and many of the plates are not even in yet. For motos, there are none as far as I know. For cars, it seems to be hit or miss. I was told those who paid in January and February have plates available. But I have spoken to a few people who paid in the last few days, and they were given plates right away. We were told to come back in May for ours. If you paid and don't have new plates, be sure to keep a copy of your tenencia payment with you while driving.

Downstairs waiting to see Augustin
The line is even wrapping around the plaza down on the first floor. Typically this is where one of my favorite guys, Augustin, works. He verifies VIN numbers for new vehicles and resales. It appears they are doing more than that now to control flow of people. If somebody knows why they are holding some folks downstairs, let me know.

I had to park at Super AKI lot as the parking lot is full and all our spots are taken. We are supposed to receive an order from Uttermost this afternoon, so hopefully they will arrive after the plates office closes at 3pm. If you want a sneak peek at what is arriving, check it out on our Facebook page here.

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