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Mar 21, 2014

A House Reborn: Part 2

Photo by Miguel Nunez
The labor of love I have been working on since December 24th is finally finished. Guests are enjoying the house this week. It is hard to believe so much great work was done in such a short time. The dining room is especially lovely, with the 240 cm long base and the chunky glass top. The dining room chairs are also wonderful and really practical. They are made of a high-tech vinyl that looks like fabric. Great for those wet bathing suits!

Photo by Miguel Nunez
The living area has a wonderful curvy blended leather sofa with two swivel chairs. Our website guy also took photos for us with more detail of the furniture. I am anxious to get those online, but these were all I could find for today.

Photo by Miguel Nunez
The master bedroom has a large scale new group from Ashley called Demarlos. I just love it combined with the beautiful photography of Miguel Nunez. Throw in the wood beam ceiling and the promise of the blue ocean beyond, and you have quite a lovely scene.

What everybody dies for .... the beach.

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