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Feb 24, 2015

Tow Truck Adventure

Moises riding in the car on the tow truck
Sometimes life is just about going with the flow. We got back from Guadalajara after a quick weekend trip to see my family in California. The trip to California was great. I was so happy to see my nieces and my brother, spend some time with my niece's husband, Nick ... and best of all, meet little Nicky, who is now about a month old.

Our precious great nephew Nicholas

But returning home was another matter. I took the red eye all the way to Cozumel via Houston, leaving LAX at midnight and arriving on Cozumel at noon. By the time I cleared customs and immigrations it was 1pm. It left me enough time to take a shower and then we were back on the ferry to Playa on the 4pm boat. We needed to get out of dodge before the Carnaval parade started, as we had a flight from Cancun at 6am the next morning to go to the Guadalajara Expo furniture show.

Glass bowl from Guadalajara Expo

We overnighted in Cancun and were in Guadalajara by 11am the next day. We spent four days at the furniture show, which I will report on later. We arrived back home on Sunday and I got sick. So last night I found myself at the doctor's office. I had parked at the parking lot across from Clinica San Miguel. After being checked out and getting my prescriptions for a throat infection, I jumped in my car and it wouldn't start.

No problem, Moises and I decided when he came for me. Sure it was the battery, we got up at 8am today and bought a new one. Only problem was it wasn't the battery. It was the starter, so to get the car from the parking lot to the VW dealership required a tow truck. Now the guy we know at the dealership's eyes just got wide when we asked where we could find a tow truck. He had no idea, so we asked around.

Tow truck arriving at the VW dealership

I was told we had two options. Use the service from the taxistas or ask permission to use the tow truck from the Municipio. We went with the taxista service and couldn't have been happier. The price was only $400 pesos, plus we gave the driver a tip. He was great.

Funniest part was watching Moises riding along in the car on the tow truck. Here are a few shots. He said it was better than being in the Carnaval Parade.

Final destination 

And if you ever need tow service, I highly recommend the taxista service. Cell number 987 105 9574 Marvin Flores.

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