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Sep 14, 2014

Viva Mexico: Independence Day 2014 Part 1

Cozumel Palacio Municipal
It is that time of year, our Independence Day is once again here. What I love most about it is all the colors and the excitement in the air. I love that the name Cozumel peeks out from under the banner at the Palacio Municipal, quietly announcing yes it is Independence Day - but Cozumel style.

The bandstand is set up in anticipation, and the event is a lot bigger this year than the last two years. Booths are set up from all over the country in all their glorious colors, both for food and drinks.

Food booth

Drinks booth
There is also a reenactment of the War of Independence showing some Mexican soldiers and on the other side of the main doors to the Palacio, the Spaniards. Who can identify the guy on the horse on the Mexican side?

Mexicans fighting for Independence in front of the Palacio

Spaniards on the other side of the main doors

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