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Oct 21, 2016

Day of the Dead: Mayan Style and More

Photo from Novedades QRoo newspaper
I learn the most interesting things from Facebook, especially from the articles that Karen Roy Vissage posts. I did a quick google translate on this one, and for once, it wasn't half bad. It turns out that the Mayan version of Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead is not three days, but lasts for one month from October 15th to November 15th.

Translation of the article here (with a few corrections from me)
CANCUN , Q. Roo. - The Day of the Dead celebration runs on October 31 , first and second day of November, however, in the Mayan culture it runs from October 15 until November 15.

The Mayan shaman,Feliciano Ake Chan, recalls the importance of this indigenous ritual, which establishes that spirits live with us from October 15th and share with us for 30 days , finally retiring to another plane.

" The Mayan altar consists of a long table, on which are placed four candles of virgin wax , these represent the four directions , the four seasons and the four elements, same as are used by the spirits to come to the table and at home," says Chan Ake .

On the table is placed the traditional mucbipollo and for the dead who liked alcohol, they place a bottle of their favorite beverage.

The 31st is exclusively dedicated to the souls of children, called that day as Mehen Hucul Pa'al ,on November 1st is for adults , Hucul Nohoch concluded with a breakfast only.

The second day of November involves visiting spirits in the cemetery, filling the graveyard of life and color with families living together and eating together with your loved one.

Ake Chan said that November 2 begins the novena , and on the ninth day of the month there is a new celebration that includes enjoying mucbipollo, performing a ritual of welcome. Finally on November 15, they thank their families for the visit throughout the month.

(Note: all errors mine ... even though google translate was better than normal, it just didn't read very well. I did the best to translate it.)

Winner of Joplin dog Halloween contest

On another note, who can resist a dog Halloween contest? Again Facebook supplied this wonderful photo. These dogs came in second place.

Facebook photo of a disposable Halloween costume

Last but not least, my friend Kandy Stahl posted this great photo of a recyclable Halloween costume, made with disposable paper cups and plates. Very beautiful and quite unique!