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Nov 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Cozumel Style

We just got back from our fourth year eating at Rock 'n Java for our Thanksgiving Day feast. Turkey, ham, green bean casserole, both sweet and mashed potatoes and pecan pie for dessert. I took my dessert to go; I was so full. More information on all the great things at Rock 'n Java can be found here.

I don't call Cozumel Mexican Mayberry for nothing. As we arrived at the restaurant, one of my friends Nancy was outside with her husband, son and some friends. I already knew she would be there as we spoke in the afternoon. While eating, we saw at least ten people we know ... from good friends to acquaintances and I even got to meet someone new on my way out. So great to live in a small town!

I remember Thanksgivings from my childhood at my grandmother's house. Her furniture, inherited from Uncle Joe, was too big for the room so we had to squeeze around the heavy antique chairs to get in them. Once seated, you were there for the duration. The only one getting up was my grandmother and maybe one of her friends. My grandmother had a habit of asking someone she knew (usually from her Church) with nowhere else to go to spend Thanksgiving with us. They always volunteered to help and since they were seated next to Grandma, they were the only two who could get out of the room until it was over. 

I remember the smell of the turkey, sage stuffing, spaghetti and cheese (nobody has ever made it better than my grandmother.) It was the one day every year that I ate too much.

Now most everyone is gone - my grandmother, my parents, and all my grandmother's friends. My brother is in Florida. My nieces are in California and England. 

But this year, like the last four, I spent with my husband and a good friend, DeLea.  My husband's niece joined us for the second year running. For me, Thanksgiving is a day of remembrance and giving thanks (and enjoying friends and family!) 

me after Thanksgiving dinner

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving from Cozumel!

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