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Oct 9, 2014

Patito: Our Ironkid

Our nephew Patito (Patricio)

Last weekend was such a great time for our family, as we were so excited and proud to have our nephew, Patito, competing in the Ironkids competition here on Cozumel Island. Patito is nine. He competes in the intermediate age group, which required him to go on a 150 yard swin, a 4 mile bike ride and a 1 mile run. Times are not taken at this age, but he finished with ease and finesse. He has been traveling around the country competing for a few years now.

Patito swimming

Chankanaab Park was a real madhouse. It was a bit of a strategic nightmare as well. My husband wanted to attend and watch Patito, but the trick was his bike needed to go in the truck down south. They had brought it from Merida, but there was no parking for the event. So my husband ended up taking the bike back and forth and missing the event. But all was not lost.

Patito at the finish line

Instead we got these great photos and we spent a lot of time with his parents as well. It was a fun-filled weekend for all. We are so proud of our nephew. And I believe every great kid has at least one great parent. In this case, Patito has two great parents. Photos below.

Patito with his mom Cristina

We enoyed some wonderful times with his cousins as well after the race with a cookout at Patito's Aunt Daisy's house. 

Patito with his dad Patricio

More information on Ironkids events can be found here. What a wonderful, healthy way for kids to gain self-esteem. Hats off to Patito and his parents!

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