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Dec 5, 2012

Beauties in Cozumel

Josefina and her girls
I saw this photo today on Facebook and could not get over how beautiful it is. I have known the woman in the photo, Josefina, since long before any of her girls were born. That is one of the lovely things about Cozumel, the small town appeal.

You can see the joy in her smile and the girls are all loving their food, but the photo is more than that. It is about family and values and the reasons why we all came to Cozumel. As the island grows, not all good has come of it. So that is what makes me so happy to see a photo like this. And if you are ever in the need of a wonderful birthday cake or awesome cupcakes, Josefina does that too. Visit her Facebook page at Cozumel Cakes.

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